Brooch "Capellino".

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-Dear customers of Emerald Lure, We offer you jewelry made only of safe materials; neither of the pieces include nickel, lead, or any other toxic ingredients. Moreover, our jewelry is high quality and very comfortable to wear. The risks of loosing your necklace, bracelet, an earring or any other accessory is almost equal to zero. It is our primary goal to sell you the best jewelry on the market. The jewelry bought from Emerald Lure will accentuate your impeccable taste. Yours truly, Monique Dion. Owner of Emerald Lure.
Mixed Plating
Father's Day

My cousin lives in UK and is the most sophisticated human I know. Her birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her something special. Judging by her phone call at 6am, she found my present pretty special, too. I only saw pictures of it, but I must tell you it looks really cool on her, and I'm sure it would look great anyone. What I loved the most is that the shipping is made everywhere and is cheaper than if I decided to mail it to her myself. I'm happy if she's happy. Thanks a lot for great service.

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Brooch "Capellino"

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