Brooch "Cat Motja"

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"This absolutely adorable and stylish piece of jewelry from Europe is both fun and fashionable. In the shape of a cool cat, the gold and silver stripes will catch anyone's eye." Now you have become the buyer of our wonderful fashion jewelry from «Emerald Lure». You will not be disappointed as our jewelry embodies not only the ability to continuously improve, but to still keep the spirit of the age, the spirit of previous generations, which all combined together gives joy, emotions, smiles, laughter, tears and love. It’s everything that makes our lives full. I hope that our jewelry will make all your feelings deeper and more saturated, which will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. Sergio De Laurentis
Gold 24k

I've never seen a brooch like this! I wish it was a bit bigger but it's lovely nonetheless.

This is such a cute little thing! I was looking for something fun and stumbled across this website! It is unbelievably well made.

I have a friend, who is a devoted cat lover. For the longest time I was looking for something special for her birthday. Couple of days before her birthday I found Emerald Lure through facebook. I haven't seen a brooch THIS cool! I would usually think of something my grandmother wore... My friend LOVED it and she wears it on her favourite blazer to work. Thanks a lot for a quick delivery and for a lovely package. I will definitely buy here again.

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