Bracelet "Mosaic"

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"This contemporary and unique bracelet is designed to be amazingly gorgeous in appearance. When you wear this bracelet by Jenavi, it'll complement any outfit you choose to go with it." 15 years ago I gave his future wife a silver ring, which I did myself; needless to say, she was immensely happy. She has been wearing it ever since, and says that it will be a very meaningful present to our daughter in memory of our youth and love. During these 15 years we gave each other a lot of gifts both bigger and smaller than that one, but this ring has a special place in our hearts. I find it funny how some maybe small events can leave such a deep mark in our lives. Give your loved ones and friends precious gifts, treat yourself and give joy to people. It maybe sometimes something small, but that lasts very long. Sergio De Laurentis
White Silver
Cubic Zirconia
St. Valentine's Day

This is beautiful, simple and gorgeous. I wish the site reflected the size without me having to contact customer service, but overall the bracelet is worth it.

I always loved silver, but never had a lot of bracelets. When I saw this one, I knew I had to get it. Thanks a lot for the quick delivery!!!

Very high quality work! The design is incredible. I'm taking this to London for a big party!!!

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