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Earrings "Australis"

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"Elegance and sophistication comes to mind when one looks at these pair of earrings. With the darkly rich color of the gems in the center and the gold surrounding them, how could anyone deny such beauty in these earrings?" Now you have become the buyer of our wonderful fashion jewelry from «Emerald Lure». You will not be disappointed as our jewelry embodies not only the ability to continuously improve, but to still keep the spirit of the age, the spirit of previous generations, which all combined together gives joy, emotions, smiles, laughter, tears and love. It’s everything that makes our lives full. I hope that our jewelry will make all your feelings deeper and more saturated, which will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. Sergio De Laurentis
Gold 24k
Swarovski Crystals

I was astonished to see almost all the reviews having 5 stars, but after I received my order I understood why. The packaging is very neat, the earrings themselves are very well made, and the delivery was extremely fast. Five stars! Only 5 stars!

The last time we were at La Scala in Milan, I wore these earrings. The music was divine. Earrings went perfectly in harmony with the mood.

Velmi zajímavé, ale cena je nízká. Koupil jsem si okamžitě.

My husband and I went to spend our holidays in Nice. I wore these earrings almost evry evening! I just couldn't resist. Very fine work, very original design. A lot of people looked at me and, of course, at my earrings.

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Pendant "Australis".

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