Earring "Кettle"

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-Dear customers of Emerald Lure, We offer you jewelry made only of safe materials; neither of the pieces include nickel, lead, or any other toxic ingredients. Moreover, our jewelry is high quality and very comfortable to wear. The risks of loosing your necklace, bracelet, an earring or any other accessory is almost equal to zero. It is our primary goal to sell you the best jewelry on the market. The jewelry bought from Emerald Lure will accentuate your impeccable taste. Yours truly, Monique Dion. Owner of Emerald Lure.
Nielloed Silver
St. Valentine's Day

I bought these a few months ago, but couldn't get around to write a review. I usually don't write reviews, but when I expected these eaarings for my niece look rather mediocre, you can imagine my shock when I found out they eren't at all. These earrings are so, co, so cute and Lizzy can't stop wearing them! they're a bit too heavy for a 10-year old girl, but we all love them and I expect to get a few gifts for my other relatives and freinds from here. So happy!!!

Gave them to my little daughter. She wear them every day. Unlike Chinese jewelry, this jewelry has very good locks. Doesn't seem like they'll ever break.

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Ring "Кettle"

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Earring "Кettle".

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