Necklace "Gypsy Girl".

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"This exotically designed necklace from Jenavi is one of a kind! With its small and beautiful black and grey jewels in a gorgeous, circular design, it'll have the attention of everyone every time you wear it." Now you have become the buyer of our wonderful fashion jewelry from «Emerald Lure». You will not be disappointed as our jewelry embodies not only the ability to continuously improve, but to still keep the spirit of the age, the spirit of previous generations, which all combined together gives joy, emotions, smiles, laughter, tears and love. It’s everything that makes our lives full. I hope that our jewelry will make all your feelings deeper and more saturated, which will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. The Leading Designer at Emerald Lure Sergio De Laurentis
White Silver
St. Valentine's Day

This is such a modest and sophisticated necklace. I've been looking for something similar for ages and am finally able to wear it!

I usually don't buy jewelry like this necklace, but something came over me and I decided to give it a try. I was afraid that the quality will be poor because of the price and because of how fragile the necklace looks when you look at it in the pictures. But no! It's surprisingly well done and I would say that it's the most successful online jewelry purchase for me.

Beautiful and original necklace. Despite the low price, the quality is very good. I like to wear it!

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