Pendant, the letter "D".

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"Silver and shining with the radiance and creativity that Jenavi puts into their jewelry, this letter D will complete any outfit you choose to match it with. It can match your name, too!" I know perfectly well that it is always difficult to choose what to give to the people you love most and care about. You have to concern yourself with questions like: what is the best necklace that will fit the dress? or which ring to wear today on her husband's birthday? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer, but just listen to your heart, it will tell you. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories from Emerald Lure are all worthy of you and only your inner self will tell you what will make you glow today, and what will help you surprise the world with your true unquestionable beauty. The Leading Designer at Emerald Lure Sergio De Laurentis
White Silver

A very cool and eye-catching letter. I was surprised by such a good price.

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