24K Gold Coating

What do we know about the coverage 24K gold jewelry?

The term gold plated jewelry is defined as the floor surface jewelry with thin layer of precious metal. The gold plating on the jewelry item will fall faster than a thinner layer of applied gold and with more intense friction. The historical fact that the plating was spread since the old times, and has gained its wide use in countries in the Middle East and South Asia.

Under the classic definition of plating, we understand coating the surface of a significant layer 4-micron consisting of pure 24K gold. Fineness of gold alloy or otherwise proportion of the weight of contents of the base metal in the alloy is measured in carats. 24K gold is gold with 100% gold content in the alloy. Gold will be stronger and more durable

on the surface of the product, provided that the conditions for the layer thickness and the technology with which this layer was deposited on the surface.

Through the Emerald Lure website we help our readers understand and why we offer to buy the products covered only 24K gold. The thing is that there is no technical possibility to cover a piece of jewelry with gold smaller samples than 24K. So when you read on our website or packaging the statement that we use only 24K gold, this is not an advertisement or our competitive advantage. But this about the product quality as this directly influences the thickness of the applied layer of gold. The thickness can vary from a fraction of a micron to tenths of a millimeter.

If you read on the website of a company or hear the statement that the products that they offer you to buy covered with 18K, 14K, 10K gold and so on, then you should think about the expediency of purchase. Since it is impossible to cover jewelry with gold of such content of impurities, therefore this alloy is not gold, and has only external similarity.

Many companies from China and India, or the company's distributors selling jewelry from these countries offer you to buy the jewelry with18K, 14K, 12K gold. Unfortunately, that is not true. Also often

such companies will not tell their customers that they sell jewelry containing a high percentage of Nickel, which causes allergies and may lead to other sometimes quite serious diseases.

The concept of our company is the manufacture of costume jewellery of high quality with stylish design. Thus for making stylish jewelry allergy-free galvanic coating with precious metals is used: 24K gold, pure silver and Rhodium. We have no desire in criticizing of unfairness any companies to get more clients, we are not afraid of competition, simply because we sell jewelry only from these materials and we always welcome those companies that do business openly and honestly, and first of all think about the safety and health of the clients.

Moreover, our company is the initiator of the movement: Pure Jewelry, and proposes to legislate our initiative to write on the package with jewelry that there is no Nickel and other harmful alloys used during the production, the chemical composition of the products, as well as the jewelry is safe for health and this is confirmed by the international certificate.

To reduce costs jewelry there are different techniques that give the opportunity for more deceit of buyers. For example, one of the main ways of reducing the cost of jewelry, is to reduce the

depth of the layer of precious metal product. Some companies reduce the thickness of the coating to 0.5 microns, i.e. in 10 times than necessary. Unfortunately, the coverage of such thickness very quickly erased and loses appeal. What would this be avoided, unscrupulous companies cover such products is additionally a special lacquer, that would slow down the process of attrition.

Such varnish can contain a lot of harmful chemical elements and can cause various diseases. Our team understands that jewelry is constantly in contact with skin and therefore offers products covered only with safe materials.

Those who read our article will ask,

"what are all the same methods of application of plating exist in the modern world, and which one is the most acceptable for buyers thinking about their safety and fair of producers and sellers?" Our team is happy to provide the answer: there are several ways, and some of them are:

The plating on the product electrochemical method has several directions. The most common is a galvanic method. This method technologically looks very simple. Metal or other conductive products are immersed in a liquid electrolyte, consisting of salts of gold or other metal. When the supply of electricity through the electrolyte metal salt split and positively charged particles are deposited on the product.

Galvanic method gives a very strong layer of deposited metal. Thus it possesses high chemical resistance and conducting.

This is the method used by our company.

In order to apply coating on costume jewellery from various alloys and metals: silver, copper, stainless steel or special allergy-free alloy in the world uses a galvanic method of immersing items in the electrolyte. After preliminary processing and preparation, the product is dipped in galvanic bath, it is a

dielectric. Bath is filled with electrolytes, and equipped with anodes and adaptations for mixing of the solution and maintain the temperature. When applying a constant electric current is adjustable duration of influence and power on the power supply, which would be able to break through the layer of gold's given thickness.

There is a manual way of plating. It has received the name-leaf plating and its technology has changed little since ancient times. As you know, gold is very soft and elastic metal that allows to produce the finest plates each of thickness of several microns, which then with the help of a special leaf varnish is applied on the surface of the product. There are two method of application of gold leaf.

The first method is called, oil or otherwise matt plating oil-based. In this method, plating becomes weakly resistant to atmospheric conditions and moisture. In addition, if the oil plating the surface becomes matte and in the future it is impossible to achieve shininess, which is possible with the adhesive coating. But this has a positive side. This technique of plating is easy and effective. It can easily be applied to almost any surface: glass, plastic, metal, stone, etc.

The second method of plating is called the adhesive water, or more glossy. This method is ideal for surfaces made of polyurethane and

wood. Using this method of plating, the maximum shine can be achieved. Over the years the technology of the plating method has remained practically unchanged.

So, dear reader, we hope we have been able to tell you about the methods of plating the gold onto jewelry, which uses our company and how not to get into the network unscrupulous companies. Buy jewelry that is not beautiful, but that is also safe and secure.

Yours truly,

Monique Dion

CEO of Emerald Lure