The term souvenir came from the French language and means memory. Now souvenirs are associated with a small memorable gift usually inexpensive and that isn’t large. Its main purpose is to remind of pleasant emotions and impressions. Such small gifts are manifestations of the location and are a symbol of attention to the person who receives them. After a certain time, they are the reminders of fond memories.

History of souvenirs is rooted in the distant past. Initially they were handmade in a single copy of natural materials. Early origins of souvenirs confirm ancient Egyptian figures found in large numbers all over the country. Due to the burial traditions in ancient Egypt, souvenirs of the dead person int

ended to brighten his existence in the afterlife as well as other objects which he used during his life. In the tomb were also put trophies, knives, and vases, which were smaller interpretations of the objects simply because it was impossible to put them all inside the tomb in the original size. Pharaohs had an exception though: their huge pyramids could fit all objects in they real size. Nowadays, souvenirs haven’t lost their relevance. Just like in ancient times, people want to give something unusual, memorable and beautiful to the people they care about. Hence, Emerald Lure pays a lot of attention to its souvenirs. We understand how difficult it is today to make a gift that will appeal not only to you but also to those to who receive it. In order to facilitate your search, we offer exclusive souvenirs made using malachite, bronze, silver and gold.

Our souvenirs are a special order only and are made in very small amounts, so you can be sure that your exclusive gift will be received with pleasure and will remind you, your friends, relatives and acquaintances of the most favorite memories.

All souvenirs are made exclusively from natural materials according to the most artistic designs, and without any flaws. They carry a certain meaning and emphasize your sophistication, originality and belonging to people having refined taste.

Owners of our souvenirs are diplomats, famous singers and actors, business leaders, writers and artists, dancers and opera singers, and many other people of different professions and preferences.

Do not hesitate to treat yourself and others of your best moments in life! Just like collectable wine, souvenirs become only more valuable and desirable over the years.