As Powerful as Jessica Pearson

Legal drama Suits character Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres, touched a lot of our hearts, from her high position in the city to her unbelievable managing skills to her impeccable style. Show's costume designer, Jolie Andreatta, definitely knows what she is doing and she is doing it right.

Andreatta has an incredible capability of making an office outfit, something many imagine to be boring and dry, actually bright and sexy, yet as professional as it needs to be. In her interview with Slate, Andreatta said the following about our favourite actress, "Jessica is very comfortable in her own skin, so even if I put her in a really fitted dress, and she's got to go to court, she's going to be comfortable in it. Gina can pretty much pull off anything." This is definitely something to admire.

What more is the settled jewelry Jessica wears. If you go through her outfits, her jewelry is so well picked out for her, so perfectly fitted that you can barely point out to it, when you first see it, even though without it, the whole outfit would look unfinished. Furthermore, her jewelry is never something small or hidden under the layers. The jewelry Jessica wears is bold and bright like her character, and she wears everything with such grace, that we viewers often get a feeling that items were just made for her!

All in all, Jessica Pearson is a powerful woman whose power projects not just through her actions, but through her wardrobe as well. However, her attires are not just powerful and intimidating, they are also feminine, which is where the admiration of most women watching the show comes from. And it is not surprising, since her name is the name that's on the door.