Black Diamond

Black Diamond: The Most Expensive Diamond In The World.

Carbonado came from the word "Carbo", which means “denoting coal.” This is how this natural mineral was called in the XVIII century for it’s resemblance with conventional coal. Carbonado is a polycrystalline kind of cubic black diamond. These minerals are fine-grained, with porous aggregates of black, and are of grey and green colors.

Conventional diamonds are found on almost all continents, with the geological conditions for their development is almost the same everywhere. According to the observations of scientists from 1900, total diamond production at all the most known deposits in the world amounted to about 600 tons. However in Australia, Siberia, China and India, and on all other deposits not a single black diamond was found.

There is a version that black diamonds have a space origin. There is an assumption that black diamonds were formed in the supernova explosion of a planet. Researchers from Florida International University and Case Western Reserve in Cleveland have revealed the samples of black diamonds, which are extremely rare compounds of titanium and nitrogen.

Such compounds are also found in the composition of meteorites fallen to the Earth. In the study of black diamonds using infrared synchrotron at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York as part of diamonds was discovered hydrogen, which is extremely rich in interstellar space. A very high probability exists that black diamonds arise from diamond dust, which was formed as a result of a supernova explosion billions of years ago.

However, scientists do not exclude the possibility of terrestrial origin for Carbonado. In 1993, black diamond was discovered on the Eastern slopes of Avachinsky volcano in Kamchatka. Black diamond was found in rare volcanic rock called abacetini, the outputs of which on the surface are known in Kozel'sky volcanoes. The largest Carbonado Sergio was discovered in Brazil, and its weight is 3,167 carat.

There are black diamonds are of artificial origin; they are synthesized in industrial scales under pressure 6-12 HPa. For some time, such diamonds were used exclusively for the technical purposes. The received raw material was very cheap and did not exceed $10.00 for a 1 carat. A small part of this material is suitable for cutting and contains crystals that have equally distributed black color throughout. Many experts are not inclined to consider the cut black diamond as a diamond, for it is opaque, not shining and reflecting the light only from its surface.

Even though very rare specimens with some transparency that can reflect and refract the light that is reflected. However, such black diamonds are extremely expensive and are not available for people with low incomes.

In conclusion, black diamonds found in nature are extremely rare, and their cost is extremely high. So if you would like to buy a ring, earring and bracelet with a black diamond at an attractive price, say for $2000.00, you are trying to by sold at the best, the diamond that was created artificially, or in the worst case it will be fake, which in reality does not cost anything. In order not to make a mistake when choosing jewelry with a black diamond, it is necessary to address experts, who will help you distinguish real diamond from a fake one.

We hope that this information will help you to save money and not spend it in vain.

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