Corals: description, history, magical and healing properties.

Corals: description, history, magical and healing properties.

Coral is a material of the skeleton of the colony of coral polyps. Large aggregations of corals form reefs and coral Islands. Ordinary corals, used as raw material for lime, but some rare species are precious raw material for jewelry making.

Among the variety of marine resources in nature there are these deep-sea jewels: pink, black, gold, blue and bamboo corals. In the Mediterranean sea and off the coast of Japan live red or noble corals from the detachment of gorgonians. From their calcareous skeleton of red and pink, cleared of polyps, even in ancient times, at least 25 thousand years ago, were made of expensive necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cameos, and other products.

Coral is one of the most ancient jewelry supplies; beads of pink coral Mediterranean origin, archaeologists found among the remains of Paleolithic man in the cave Wildchar (Germany), age 35-10 thousand years BC. The literature describes the Sumerian vase five-thousand-year-old, decorated with corals. The ancient Greeks pink coral was considered a symbol of immortality, believed that he could protect the wearer from the evil eye, poisoning, to cure gout and other diseases. In ancient time, the coral was finally included in the jewelry items. Ancient Greek legend tells that when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa the Gorgon flew over the sea, in places where drops of blood fell into the water, rose red corals, called gorgonians. We can say that fashion jewelry made of coral there are more than two thousand years, and she did not pass a single epoch, single state. In the jewelry art of medieval Russia coral found the widest application as or encrustation material. In the age of the European Renaissance evolved the tradition of carving coral, which in our time has greatly diminished, at least in Europe.

Pink coral was highly prized in ancient China. In the famous Kurbatsky mausoleums and tombs on the banks of the river Sirince in Tajikistan, where 1.5 thousand years ago was the legendary city Kiropol, archaeologists, along with gold bracteate (thin gold plates with the image of a human face) and jewelry from Badakhshan Lalov found coral beads and raw coral sprigs.

Precious Hawaiian gold six coral corps gerardia has the rare Golden color. From it produce expensive necklaces, pendants, brooches and insert-cabochons for rings.

In the palette of corals there are up to 350 color shades. Most often they are white, but they had learned how to paint in a different color and use in jewelry. In the lagoons of Oceania meet the eight-beam heliopora - "sun corals", the skeleton of which has a cobalt blue color, gradually fading in sunlight.

In jewelry are often Corallium rubrum growing at depths between 20 m and 200 m, and Corallium japonicum, found in the Atlantic and the Pacific, mainly at depths from 100 to 1500 meters. To the "noble" corals include varieties, painted in pink, red, orange, pinkish-brown color, although appreciated and dark-brown, blue, black corals (acabar). The most valuable are the corals Reds, not in vain "coral", often referred to as lip beauties. In jewelry use and fossil corals. In Florida (USA) in river Suvonni, near the town of white springs, and on the shore of Tampa Bay found a beautiful siliceous red coral, yellow and white colors, reaching 7-10 see across. Original jewelry and Souvenirs are often made of them.

Magical properties

Corals are not minerals. Despite this, they, like all the stones that bind a lot of magical and medicinal properties. According to Greek legend, the corals became drops of blood flowing from the head of Medusa, and placed on the bottom of the sea nymphs. Coral is very easy in handling, and that is why since ancient times has been used for making jewelry or as a finishing material. Later to his care was taken to protect against the "evil eye" or to protect children from the curse that could bring down on their heads envious detractors. The ancient Greeks believed pink coral symbol of immortality and happiness. In medieval Europe the coral was a symbol of modesty and signified purity. Believed that corals are able to add wit and wisdom, contribute to the development of logic and intuition, strengthen memory. It was believed that they's watching from harm, help in difficult life circumstances keep from lightning, scare away demons and drive away temptation. Coral in antiquity and the middle ages was considered an amulet for travelers. In our days the descriptions of the miraculous properties of coral spread very widely. Many people claim that coral saves travelling from hurricanes, storms, unpleasant meetings and promotes safe return home that corals can enhance the gift of foresight. Coral is recommended to wear as a means to improve the tone and male potency, to relieve fatigue, because it supposedly reduces stress, worries, fears, depression, gives prudence. Corals attributed to a beneficial effect on the body and the human psyche: they neutralize the negative state, anger and envy, have a positive effect on blood pressure and the immune system. Other experts stones assure that you can successfully use coral for good luck in business Affairs and money on a Bank account, it is also considered a universal remedy against the evil eye and spoilage. It is argued that promotes coral prosperous life together, reciprocity, love and harmonious sex, and as amulet protects the wearer from depravity, debauchery and evil people that corals can add to fool wit and wisdom, contribute to the development of logic and intuition, enhance memory, help men to acquire a woman under any circumstances, store from impotence and insanity, scare away demons and distilled temptation. Others believe that coral is a great amulet for kids that can keep them from laziness, bad teachers, attitudes toward theft and drunkenness, youthful Masturbation, sexual maniacs and angry parents. Many therapeutists also argue that corals boost metabolism, beneficial effects on the circulation and the cardiovascular system, improve memory, treat abscesses and ulcers, including internal, that wearing coral helps with diseases of the vagina, thyroid and asthma. Other experts argued that if the corals to wear on the neck, they will protect from a sore throat, scarlet fever, and rhinitis, relieve emotional shocks and nervous ticks that corals are sedative and can help with headaches, constipation or diarrhea, insomnia, and nervous excitement, beneficial to the creative potential of personality and mental development of the child. It is believed that wearing coral protects against fraud, helps to keep a clear mind and dispels misconceptions.