Costume Jewellery vs Jewellery

About the Benefits of Elite Costume Jewellery over Jewellery

Luxurious jewelry has several advantages over jewelry and so every year it is becoming more popular and in demand. Itis not just about the cost, because there is an elite expensive jewelry plated with gold and silver, and inlaid with Swarovski crystals and therefore the cost of such fashion jewelry can be very low. Also elite jewelry is often made using natural stones, which increases its value. But while the prices of luxury jewelry in the tens and even hundreds of times lower than in the whole of the jewelry of precious metals and diamonds and genuine diamonds. For this reason, elite jewelry can afford women with different levels of income, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It should say that the history of luring genuine jewelry on forgery reach us from the Middle Ages. The historical fact is the case occurred with a very famous fashionista Isabella d'Este Gonzaga, who was a court lady at the court of the XVI century. That would save his sister from the debtors' prison, she was forced to lay in his famous pawnshop and very expensive sapphire tiara. But that would avoid unnecessary rumors and gossip, she ordered a copy of this jeweler tiaras, with sapphires produced from conventional ground glass with the desired color.

None of the court, and did not notice the substitution.The most important, and perhaps the main advantage is that unlike jewelry, fashion jewelry has a much more daring and original design, so a bright accessory that can become a focus stylish image. Given the different trends of modern fashion, it is practically impossible to use any decoration as a versatile complement to any outfit. Women who care about making a solid and fashionable image, increasingly selected accessories to the concrete along, whether bracelets on hand or vintage rings and earrings. Of course, this principle of recruitment wardrobe requires either large financial outlay for the purchase of gold jewelry, or enables the use of jewelry, which is relatively inexpensive. For example, the price of the set costume jewelry is much lower than the price of similar sets of jewelry. Such products look really luxurious and very expensive, despite its accessible price. Author elite jewelry - a unique decoration made only a few copies at the same time the usual, for example, gold jewelry made whole batches, so look original and inimitable in them is very difficult. Another example is when you want to make a nice gift for a dear loved one . Due to the low cost of the elite, the author of fashion jewelry you can buy as a gift for my sister jewelry, mother, girlfriend, but also for just friends or colleagues. It will not worsen your financial situation, but about you will often remember with gratitude and warmth in my heart.

Just one of the benefits of European luxury fashion jewelry is that you can wear it as a high-level ceremonial events and in everyday life. In both cases, elite jewelry from Emerald Lure or other famous brand looks appropriate, can not be said about gems. They are unlikely to be wellcombined with jeans or T-shirt,ut elite jewelry (bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.) with the original design , only emphasize the image and creates a hint of bohemian chic even in the most casual outfit .

That's why fashion shows are increasingly replacing expensive jewelry for luxury jewelry that complements skillfully and carefully crafted image designers, without switching on the general attention. Jewelry helps convey style, character and style in its original form, without familiarity excess tinsel and masks. This allows you to precisely shows the audience the designer's design without distortion and falsehood. Modesty and originality - are the main features that distinguish jewelry on background pretentiousness jewelry.

All the experts are unanimous in asserting that the life of luxury jewelry (online shop Emerald Lure confirms it) can be very long, if you follow the simple rules of its operation (how to do it right, we will tell you in the following article). Moreover, elite jewelry Emerald Lure and other world famous brands, covered with a layer of natural precious materials such as gold, silver and bronze. This not only improves their appearance, but also prolongs the life. Thus, elite jewelry can compete with expensive jewelry and expressionless conservative design.

With sincere best wishes and Leading Designer Sergio De Laurentis.