Halloween in the World

In China Halloween is celebrated under the name of Teng Chieh which is the day of remembrance of ancestors. On this day, people set up the photographs of their deceased relatives along with food, water, and flashlights, which are designed to light the way for the souls of the ancestors who are traveling during Halloween.

Buddhist monasteries also celebrate this holiday. Monks make so-called "boat of fate" out of paper. The boats are made in different configurations and sizes, some of which are of large dimensions. At night, these boats are burned so that the smoke could help the spirits of the ancestors get to heaven.

There is an old Irish legend about Stingy Jack, who after death was not able to get neither to heaven nor to hell. He had no other choice but to roam the world, lighting the way lantern in the shape of a pumpkin with coal inside. According to this legend, the tradition to set in the pumpkin candles that were placed by the door or on the window, that would thereby scare away Jack and other evil spirits.

Halloween is also popular in Mexico and Spain. In these countries, it is called "day of the dead," but this day is not an occasion for sadness, but rather is a day of joy. Halloween is celebrated at that time of year when a very large butterfly "monarch" returns to Mexico after a summer in the U.S. and Canada. People believe that these butterflies are the spirits of the deceased. In their homes they decorate their altars with flowers, bread, fruit and sweets. They also set photos of deceased relatives. Then light the candles that burn all night, and worship the dead.

In Korea, this day is called "Chuseok." It is celebrated in late August or early September. People thank the ancestors for the fruits of their past work. The temples give rice and fruits, leaving them for dead.

In Sicily, this holiday is more like a Christmas eve. At this time, children go to bed and wait for various gifts and treats. According to one legend, these gifts bring the dead who have risen from their graves.

As you can see, our dear readers, Halloween is a holiday that has in its history of many centuries. The beginning of the story can be found in the ancient religion of the druids. Over time, as a result of many innovations, this festival has become a holiday, to honor the dead when evil spirits and humor.