Halloween Part 2

Brought to America in ancient times, the Celtic festival received in this country a new development. Now on the scale of its popularity it is only second to Christmas. During the celebrations in America, which

was celebrated the most in the city of Los Angeles and New York. These cities had very colorful carnivals and festivals.

Coming from ancient rite Trick or Treat, the holiday became very popular among children. On the night of November 1st, children knock on doors of their neighbors and offer them to bribe the children with sweets and treats.

In this fun holiday, adults are very lenient and that’s why the children love it!

This holiday has been celebrated in America for more than two centuries, but it had not received the official status nonetheless. Americans spend more than 2.5 billion dollars annually to have a lot of fun on Halloween.

In Germany, the celebration of Halloween is not less colorful and fun than in the US. Castle Darmstadt invited a lot of people dressed up in costumes. Many of the locals believe that on the roof of the castle every year the Ghost of a former owner apprears.

Beautiful is the celebration of Halloween in the suburbs of Paris at Disneyland and in Limoges. At this time, more than 30 thousand people arrive to France to see colorful parades of goblins, vampires and ghosts. All parades are illuminated with special lights and decorated by pumpkins, while local restaurants offer special dishes.

(to be continued).