Making the right choice when buying earrings

How to make the right choice when buying earrings online?

In the modern world, earrings have become one of the most popular type of jewelry. It is earring that focus our attention on the face and accentuate its beauty. At first glance it might seem that it is easy enough to pick the earrings,

but once one is faced with this task, they understand that it is a responsible step. Earrings are one and the same model can look at one person is delightful, and the other will look ridiculous. Now the company provide to customers a wide choice of various kinds of earrings that are suitable for any occasion and the case for any woman. If earrings are selected correctly, every woman will look festive and elegant.

Those of us who have sufficient experience in the selection of decorations can be noted that jewelry look different on the photo, in the shop window, in the packaging box and at ourselves. However, the more
high-quality and elite jewelry, less visible in these differences. Quality jewelry equally well looks like on display online shop or on your arm. If you buy a beautiful jewelry and especially earrings, such as Emerald Lure, you must be sure that you get a beautiful, durable, convenient and useful thing.

Large stones in jewelry are always highly prized. If you have the desire to buy a beautiful earrings with large stones, then you should pay attention to the methods of its fastening. If the attachment is not enough reliable, for example, through 4 karat, you can lose a stone. The most reliable mount will mount if
there rim around inserts. Rim fixes a stone from all sides and this is very reliable. In addition, there is another way to secure attachment and he is called a channel.

As if the stone is big, it is very important that the earrings were fixed in the ear with a reliable, durable and convenient fasteners. In addition clasp deserves attention not only because of the security of jewelry. For example, it is considered that rings with stones should ideally be suitable in size to the finger and tightly against its path. This deviation in size suggests that the size is incorrectly selected. Officially, earrings no size, but
if you look more carefully, you will notice that the length zipper on earrings has a different length. If earflap wide, short clasp may not locked, and vice versa too long clasp can hang down on the ear. Bought earrings, have beautifully positioned on your ear. This is very important for comfort to wear. Earrings should not dig into the ear lobe or be too loose. Both, will deliver uncomfortable to wear.

In the modern world the diversity of types of earrings is largely determined by the different types of locks. Earrings should be not only beautiful, but also reliable. Therefore, the most important element in
earrings is the castle. In this connection to the castle in earrings require high requirements for reliability, durability, practicality and comfort in wear.

Earrings are made with many different types of locks. The process of creating castles and continues jewelers create more new locks with a completely new design. Now let's look at the most popular and famous castles in earrings:

Pin lock is a pin with the notch on which it is fixed a small clip with thread (the clip you want to cheat on pin). Most often, this castle is the setting for one or more stones, decorative details, an ornament which can serve different elements.

English castle is the most popular form of the castle for earrings, is a strong connection between two pieces of metal in the form of a loop and racks. This castle is used in children's earrings or in a more complex, large and
heavy jewelry.

French castle ("loop", castle-hook) is the old castle view for earrings, is a pin, which is fixed by the metal eyelet. This lock is used, as a rule, in heavy earrings that are kept mainly due to its own weight.

Italian castle ("omega"), Catalan castle is one of
the most fashionable and modern locks, clasp reminds clips, but with pin on the basis of earrings, which increases the reliability of fastening. Quite difficult to manufacture, so used, as a rule, in earrings imported or very expensive.

Gypsy lock (lock-bracket) is a movable bracket, which goes in the hole opposite of the pin. This castle is used mainly for production of earrings round shape.

Lock-loop is an arc-shaped loop without fasteners. Instead of a hook and as an artistic element can be used pendant, located on the back side of the ear lobe, such earrings look very refined and exquisite.

There is also a type of the castle:

Lock-loop fastener is an arc-shaped loop that fasten the latch or loop.

Castle-clip represents hanging earrings that are kept on the ear with a latch. Earrings with this castle can be worn, not piercing ears.

Castle "Congo" is one of the most reliable ways setting, is a hollow ring, inside of which it is inserted pin smaller diameter, mounted on the other hand. This model goes out of fashion for many centuries. The surface of these earrings can be polished or coated with diamond pattern, and on the basis of the rings can be attached to various decorative elements.

Castle-pin is a metal pin inserted in the opposite cut earrings. As jewelry alloys have certain spring properties, pin comes easy to cut and durable it is held.

When choosing earrings, it is important to remember that they should not only be beautiful and elegant, but also reliable. Only you can decide which lock suits you best. The main thing always to remember is that poor manufactured castle can leave clues on clothing, scratches and injure the skin, to contribute to the loss of earrings. Therefore, when buying earrings, pay attention not only to the design and quality setting stones, but the castle as well, carefully studying the mechanism. Emerald Lure wishes you many pleasant and high-quality shopping.