How to Take Care of Jewelry

Gentlemen maybe not as often, but often all us ladies spend a lot of time carefully picking out clothes and especially jewelry, which is why it pains us to see our favorite pieces of jewelry loose their initial look. Now, the question that we once in a while catch ourselves ask is did the jewelry we bought was low-quality or did we not care for it properly?

In order for us, jewelry shoppers, to forget that question once and for all, we prepared a few tips and tricks for on how to best care for your favorite jewelry! Some of them are quite unusual, but all of them are available to you right there in your home.

So in order to give more shine to your gold jewelry, soak the pieces in a light beer.The natural acidity of the beer will remove the dirt and restore luster.

If you have jewelry made of copper and silver, you can bring back the shine of those just by rubbing them with ketchup! Dispense a small amount on a clean cloth and wipe the tarnished metal. After, wipe the pieces clean with a damp cloth and dry them.

The most frustrating thing, however, is having to deal with tangled jewelry. In order to untangle jewelry, sprinkle them with baby powder, and after, disassemble them using pins.

Moreover, there is something we were all faced with at some point or another is it when rings stuck on our fingers and we couldn't take them off. Especially it was nerve-racking when one is trying on somebody else's ring. Well, these cases are just inevitable and it's not easy to predict when exactly the ring will stuck. However, the good news is that in order to remove the stuck ring from the finger, use cleaning liquid for windows (Windex for instance) or soapy water, and the ring will come right off!