How to care for jewelry

How to take care of jewelry?

Today’s stylish and trendy costume jewelry is not inferior to the elegance and quality of the jewelry. Though one must remember that chic rings and bracelets, exquisite necklaces and flashy earrings require proper care and attention as proper care of jewelry will help to extend its service life for many years. Another thing to remember is that jewelry can be more often than not varies in quality. There are decorations or one-day accessories, which with a high degree of exaggeration can be related to jewelry. The quality of the material from which such jewelry is made is so low that on the next day the product may change the color due to oxidation, any stones used can fall off, that any appeal to wear it again will be lost as a result. Any sort of care for such products typically does not give any results, and the cost of repair usually exceeds the cost of the original product.

So in this article we are talking about actual costume jewelry made by skilled craftsmen with great artistic taste, and about how to properly take care of your jewelry made with the use of sterling silver and gold?

Basic rules:

1. Storage.

Jewelry should be stored in closed caskets with a soft surface; closed casket will protect jewelry from exposure to sunlight. During their prolonged exposure the tones of product may vary, especially jewelry with pearls and other stones. Soft surface protects against friction and deformation. Also storage in a casket or a box will save your favorite jewelry from dust.

Jewelry should be stored separately from each other to avoid damage and scratches. For example, all gold jewelry should be put separately from silver, and copper items should be stored separately from the glass ones. Special attention should paid to pearls: this gemstone regardless natural or artificial should not have contact with any other sort of stone.

Individual package of each item is highly recommended.

2. Correct handling.

Try not drop earrings or rings on a hard surface.

To not let jewelry loosing its shine, avoid contact with aggressive substances: deodorants, all kind of creams and tools for hair styling, and perfumes and lotions.

Before bedtime always take off jewelry to avoid breakage. This also applies to swimming pools, saunas, and fitness-centers to avoid contact with chlorine and very high temperatures.

3. Caring and gentle approach.

To clean jewelry, do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

To keep jewelry’s original look wipe it with special napkins, which you may find in jewelry stores more often.

If your jewelry gets wet, dry it with suede, velvet or flannel cloths.

Remember that jewelry does not like prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, very high humidity, sudden and large changes in temperature.

By following these simple rules of care, you can keep your jewelry looking like new for a long time! If you love your jewelry, take care of it, and then it will complete you image and make you look irresistible. In addition, do not forget that if you take care of your jewelry, after certain period of time it will become vintage!

So, how to clean costume jewelry?

It is safe to say that there is no woman in the world who is indifferent to various accessories.Some women prefer to wear only expensive jewelry made of precious metals, other women like a variety in their looks and prefer trendy costume jewelry.

No matter what material accessory is made of, it deserves attention from its owner.The majority of jewelry care loses its appearance without proper care. One important rule for all jewelry fans is that jewelry not only should be constantly cleaned it with special liquids, but also remember to treat it with care.

Most of the materials from which is made jewelry should be cleaned with special means. Therefore, before to begin the processing of your jewelry, they should be divided into several groups, which will correspond to properties of materials and elements:

➠ Jewelry items made of natural stones should be cleaned very carefully. First of all it is important to remember that all natural stones have their own distinctive features. For example, coral, mother-of-pearls should thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth - suede or velvet. The only exception is turquoise - this stone is strictly prohibited watering, as it absorbs moisture and it changes its color. Turquoise is cleaned only special dry means;

➠ Require special attention artificial stones and crystals. Should know which key material for your jewelry. In certain cases it will be sufficient only simple dry cleaning, using a soft cloth (fabric,velvet or suede)

➠ Silver jewelry also have their own distinctive features. The most common methods of cleaning today is processed using a mixture of baking soda and water or soap solution. In this case, cleaned the floor with a soft bristle. If you want your silver jewelry had extra Shine, then your ideal assistant will be a regular chopped potatoes, which together with the jewelry you should place it in the water. Silver jewelry, contacting with potatoes for several hours, becomes more vivid. Taking decoration of the water, they should be wiped with a flannel cloth;

➠ Plated jewelry is better to clean lemon juice, which should be dissolved in water. Such decoration should be left in the solution for a few hours, to Polish the regular flour with a soft cloth;

➠ Copper jewelry can Shine like new, with only the two options of cleaning. You can use the solutions in two options: the first option - water+small amount of salt; the second is a little vinegar+water. After each contact solution and decorations must be thoroughly rinsed jewelry water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth;

➠ If you are the owner of a glass jewelry, then the best option proper care it is a detergent or soap and water. As for polishing the best option will be the brush with a soft cloth or soft cloth.

➠ Care for jewelry jewelry requires the same rules. Additionally, for the jewelry with natural stones - they need to be washed in clean water cooled, then to wipe a flannel. If you want to get rid of grease stains, water should be warm. The only thing jewelry turquoise only wipe; water purification cannot be used, because turquoise can change color.