Gift: Jewelry

Dear friends! If you decide to present jewelry as a gift, buying jewelry online is probably the most convenient way!

Buying gifts online is the ability to give people joy and bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Gift can say what words can’t; gifts express the wish to maintain good relations.

Gift has a similar value of the donation, but usually the giving of the gift is connected with some occasion: a specific event, tradition or holiday. The reasons for the gift are different:

- traditions and celebrations, such as Birthday, Mother's Day, New Year, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine's Day;

-expression of gratitude, thankfulness;

-an expression of love or of friendship - gifts for men;

-expression of sympathy.

Most man tormented by the question: what to give. For example, matchless gift of all times is the famous Taj Mahal built by the Indian ruler Gehenom for his beloved wife. Mentioned in the history a lot, really expensive gifts, such as the island of Scorpios given by Aristotle Onassis to his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, numerous jewelry, including 70-carat diamond, presented to Elizabeth Taylor, fur coats made of sable, which length was half a kilometer, which Louis XIV gave his wife, famous jewel in wine Antony and Cleopatra, and many other examples.

Of course, this is possible, but not necessarily. We assure you, box of chocolates with a hidden ring, or a rose, presented absolutely for no reason, any gift, made with love and soul will delight your lover no less than a diamond! If you put the whole soul in a gift, he will love it. It is indeed, it is believed that the have magic, a kind of sacred power. A gift made from a pure heart and with love, brings good luck not only to those who gave, but to the giver, and Vice versa, if this act is hiding a secret hatred, the gift will return it to the giver in a hundred-fold, harming him. Always remember that between the donor and the donee is set some secret, hidden communication, which can be heated and delight you for the whole life.

In the very act of presenting the most important is not the gift itself as a material thing, it’s those feelings and motives that are behind it. This may be a concern, participation, care, love, friendly affection, desire to improve relations, apologies and more. Gift is only a material embodiment of these positive emotions, it can be a pleasant reminder for them to another person. With gift we show attention. This also means that you haven’t just remembered about a person, but that you also decided to take time and congratulate him. A gift is a symbol of empathy. People love when they pay attention and listen, therefore, they love well chosen for them gifts. The act of giving is the strengthening of social relationships: love, friendship and family ties.

So give gifts, pay attention to your family and attach to this process at least a little bit of creativity, ingenuity and perseverance.

Best wishes,

your Emerald Lure.