Jewelry with enamel

Jewelry with enamel: how is it made?

If you want to be the owner of unique jewelry, stop at jewelry with colored enamel. Even with a relatively mass production of jewelry, enamel is more manual work. The output products are always a little different from each other, so the same will not be none.

In professional language, enameling is the application of the low-melting glass to the metal surface. Colored enamels cover and jewelry made on a metal base. Enamel differ in the composition and method of application on the surface. Cloisonne is just one of many different ways of achieving the same goal: fixing hot enamel on metal. The name of each method reveals the essence and speaks for itself.

Colored enamel jewelry: methods of application.

Cloisonne enamel (cloisonné") was named in honor of gold or silver walls. They solder onto the surface of the jewelry (gold or silver) for the identified patterns. It is in these cells and melted at a temperature of 600-800 degrees enamel powder into a glass. This type of enameling is kind of based jewelry techniques "filigree" (filigree), where instead of partitions-metal ribbons is soldered to the surface of the jewelry filigree thread.

In ornament with pitted enamel cutter takes out the metal, filling the cavities with enamel composition. Technique recessed enamel is the most ancient and the most simple production.

Technique of painted enamel is a painting with colored enamel. There are no walls or grooves in this technique. The enamel is applied to the product layers and fired until you have completed the planned jewelry piece. The technique of painted enamel is famous here, at Emerald Lure.

Composition, jewelry enamels are transparent, translucent and jewelry jargon "deaf" (opaque).

Jewelry with enamel by way of fixing enamels.

Colored enamel jewelry are divided into hot and cold.

Hot enamel jewelry.

Hot enamel is everyone's absolute favorite. It was used back in the old days. What is the technique of hot enamel? In a special incinerator jewelry heated to 600-800 degrees. The durable enamel is baked to the metal. The decoration is cooled, cleaned and polished. Today the presence of the hot enamel decor decoration raises jewelry in high category.

Women love jewelry with enamel. Enamel crafts we have known Rostov enamel, the so - called beautiful (hot) enamel. In the East produce jewelry meenakari - colorful cloisonne enamel, generously interspersed with stones and pearls.

Cold enamel jewelry.

Cold enamel is actually fiberglass. It is a two-component and light-cured.

Two-component cold enamel is mixed in the correct proportions and filled with product. All just as a nail salon. Light curing cold enamel similar properties with light dental fillings. Deposited on the surface composition is irradiated with ultraviolet light, causing the enamel hardens. The hardness of the enamel cross between hot and cold enamels. Such enamels restore chips. Read more about the technique of cold enamel.

Jewelry with enamel: recommendations to customers.

In fact, the enamel is glass. It is polished, cleaned, it is chemically rather stable. However, chips are inevitable with the active wearing jewelry with hot or cold enamel. The jeweler can seal the chip, if the decoration you memorable and expensive. To wear the enamel jewelry (particularly at risk of bigger rings) carefully, not banging his hands on the table without dropping the product on a solid surface (that is, when the decoration you too big or clasp is defective). Now it is clear thrust of the Arabs to soft and lush carpets.

What is enamel coated jewelry?

A few words about how to distinguish the decoration with the more expensive hot enamel from the cold.

The enamel on the product you can gently try nail on resistance: cold - pressed. In addition, cold enamel cannot be polished, so the enamel surface plots can save roughness after firing.

In general, often the level of decoration can be estimated by simply looking at it. Neatly done items are found to be more attractive to an eye. If partitions neat and shiny cells are filled evenly and are shiny, nail should not affect enamel when pressed, it is highly likely that you have a piece of well made jewelry with hot enamel. Hot enamel is sometimes possible to determine by the presence of clear finishing enamel coating.