Low Quality Diamonds or Authentic Swarovski?

Which one is better: low quality diamonds or authentic Swarovski?

The diamond is a stone, which through processing specially designed revealing its natural Shine. Diamonds are evaluated according to the 4C: cut, clarity, color and carat, which allows you to define whether a stone is close to perfection.

The main thing in the assessment of the cutting is its quality: how verge geometrically accurate and proportional. Ideal cut is encoded by the letter "a", then in descending order of quality. Cleanliness is the most important criterion of the quality of a diamond: it is expressed in the presence or absence of defects of stone or foreign inclusions. The perfect diamond, without flaws, is called the diamond clean water. Colour diamonds are divided into traditional (colourless and all shades of yellow) and fantasy (pink, blue, blue, green). Weight of a diamond is measured in carats (1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams).

In our view, be considered diamond fake in case if the buyer it is issued for a real diamond, that is fraud. If the buyer knows that the decoration is made in a diamond, it is more appropriate to use the term imitation.

Diamonds are divided into two categories:

First, this gem-quality stones have a real natural white color.

Second, a synthetic or artificial diamonds are diamonds, but created ("grown") for special industrial technologies. Not fake or imitation, since the properties of this diamond. However, the buyer should know the origin of the diamond, because the artificial diamonds valued much lower than natural, created by nature.

Diamonds technical quality, designed for technical needs, and it is applied in industry. They are grey or brown in colour and very cheap. If natural diamonds cost from $ 500. per carat, the technical assignment from 50 cents. About the beginning of the 2000s, a certain category of people have learned to lighten these cheap stones. Technology appeared, called hp/ht. Technical diamonds downloads in large furnace, where they are under great pressure acquire the alien color, that is, become a diamond white. And the price for such a stone with a $0.50 increase to $10,000. It should be noted that this technology was immediately picked up by the Israeli jewelry companies. Therefore, today is the raw material technical quality you can't buy anywhere else, it is being bought by immediately, even before it has extracted from the bowels of the earth. All exported to Israel. Accordingly, after these grey stones are refined, they again fall on world markets, but in the form of jewelry that people love to buy. Improved or refined diamonds and diamond - stones, which were subjected to treatment (with the exception of the cutting and polishing) to improve their product characteristics and price increases. Such stones are real diamonds, but their cost may be lower and the buyer should know about it.

It turns out that American jewelry stores and shops in other countries of the world is flooded with fake diamonds?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what we want to say. Today many companies are engaged in the global market by selling cheap diamonds, realizing 7-10 diamonds at incredibly low prices from $15 to $30. High quality diamond can not be cheap priori. The cost of one qualitative stone lowest purity and weight in the world today is not less than 20 dollars. But unscrupulous companies 10 pieces sell for $15. Is it possible for these diamonds? Certainly not!

In this case, how to deal with artificially refined stones, to identify them?

Today, much is being done. You receive the equipment within 3 seconds allows to reveal such stones. If you doubt the authenticity of a diamond, you are advised to consult an independent expert. Which will help you to establish the authenticity of the diamond and its real price.

What is artificial precious stones?

Precious stones thousand years has been the subject of play, and the end of XVII century some artificial stones already differed little in their aesthetic characteristics from the natural. They were the first geometrically correct artificial crystals - synthetic organic and inorganic crystals, for the most part, not found in nature. Since then, scientists have created hundreds of thousands of compositions of artificial crystals of different geometry, but so far not every natural crystal can be obtained by industrial or laboratory. In nature, now number about 3000 crystals, and only about 15% is possible to artificially recreate and practical application found only a couple dozen handmade natural crystals. This is due to time-consuming, costly and complex process of crystallization and conditions.

For the first time the problem of synthesis of diamonds was solved in a research laboratory of the company General electric, which in 1955, is the first report about the success of groups of Francis Bundy, Tracy Hall, Herbert strong and Robert Wentorf.

Successful synthesis was the result of four years of research. The message about the synthesis of diamonds increased the value of shares of General electric in one day more than 300 million dollars.

The production of cubic zirconium oxide - technology-intensive process. Chemically aggressive alloy has to be heated to a temperature of about 5500 F, then with the gradual cooling of the synthesis of a crystal from the melt.

The set of properties cubes zirconium unique: higher light play and dispersion inside the crystal, comparable only with natural diamonds, hardness (about 8 out of 10 on the mineralogical scale), insensitivity to the action of acids and alkalis, the opportunity to paint the crystals in a wide range of colors, to create a transparent and opaque crystals is made cubes zirconium invaluable for the jewelry industry. Thanks to the combination with other properties: refractoriness, conductivity, low evaporation at high temperatures, - cubes zirconium received a large spread in optics, lasers, as cover for construction designed for operation in chemically aggressive environments and at high temperatures, and more.

Cubes zirconium or Swarovski?

In recognition of world specialists in the field of jewelry, cubes zirconium, produced under TM Swarovski, have the full external similarity with diamonds of all man-made crystals. Swarovki uses only the best raw materials, unique additives which are a business secret of the company, constantly improving technological process and equipment. Therefore produced today Swarovski crystals already correctly name cubes zirconium not only from the point of view of observance of the rights of the trade mark, but in fact - on the composition and method of synthesis of crystals.The company Swarowski, today is the undisputed world leader in the sale of polished natural and artificial stones, own production, purchased a license for production of blocks of zirconium and began to create the famous Swarovski crystals. Despite the fact that in the USA, Switzerland and Russia were further development of technology and produced materials, similar to the cubes of zirconium, their quality is inferior artificial Swarovski stones, which became the standard of crystals and conquered the world.

Moreover, in order to preserve and pass all the unique properties of cubes zirconium, Swarovski company produces them cut by the technology and in strict accordance with the requirements of processing the best natural diamonds, which is a vital component of the overwhelming popularity of Swarovski crystals

The Color Of Swarovski Crystals.

Today offers Swarovski crystals over 20 colors. They not only repeat the colour of natural precious stones, but also create new fancy colors. Every color and tone smooth and bright, excellent harmony with gold rim.

In order to make their stones unique luster, Swarovski designs and covers my crystals unique patented metal compounds: Xilion, Chartons, Northern Lights of the Aurora, Crystal Shine, Volcano, Gold, the Golden Fish and many others - in one or several layers. Coatings provide a rosy glow over the surface of the stones, Shine a certain intensity and hue, enhance the sparkling and refraction of light.

Cleanliness Of Swarovski Crystals.

The Swarovski crystal hand - made works of art. Advanced technical resources, exhaust technological process and quality control allows the company Swarovski to ensure high purity of crystals without the slightest flaws.

Dear friends, having written this article we hope that we could help you to make a choice between genuine and fake diamonds, as well as their copies-cubes zirconium and Swarovski Crystals. It is always good when one possesses true information and on its basis makes an informed and wise choice.

Sincerely yours,

Emerald Lure.