​Mother's day

Mother's day: historical facts and traditions of celebration in different countries.

The tradition of celebrating mother's day in many countries around the world is supported from the very old times; this wonderful, kind holiday is rooted in the depth of centuries. For example, in those distant times of the ancient Greeks worshipped the mother of all gods - Gee. The Romans during the three days: from 22nd to 25th of March honored the mother of the gods - Cybele. Mother's day for the Celts was the day when they honored goddess Bridget.

For a long time, from XVII to XIX century, the fourth Sunday of lent in the UK celebrated as motherly Sunday. Then, many poor people were forced to live in those houses, which they gave the hosts-employers as he had to work away from home. When it became motherly Sunday, workers were able to relax and visit their mothers and families and stay with them for the day. Over time, this date gained a different meaning and the two holidays - the Day of the Mother Church and Motherly Sunday were combined in one holiday.

The huge contribution to creation of the modern Mother's Day invested the leader of the American women's movement by Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 she appealed to "all women with heart", calling in her Proclamation of the Day of the mother to the struggle for peace. In Boston there were annual mass rallies in honor of the Day of Mother. Unfortunately, the Julia's idea didn't have mass support because she positioned Mother's Day as a holiday associated only with the struggle for peace in the world.

American teacher Ann Jarvis, who lived in Grafton in West Virginia, in May 1907 became the organizer of the gala ceremony in memory of her deceased mother, with the same name Ann Jarvis. Already in 1908, a celebration in honor of mothers reported hundreds of women. In 1911, the Mother's Day celebration has spread to all the States and to many other countries. Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, South America and Africa celebrate Mother's Day. What would help the spread of this wonderful and kind of holiday was what happened on December 12, 1912 - the international Association of Mother's Day was founded.

By 1914, the celebration has become widespread and therefore in the same year, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed the law on the celebration of the national Mother's Day, which was installed on the second Sunday of May. The first ceremony of celebration of Mother's Day was held in the Church in Grafton, and in 1962, this Church has got the status of the Sanctuary of Mother's Day or Mother's Day Shrine.

On this day many people visit their mothers and give a small gift. Traditionally in America, mothers are given carnations, pin clothing colors, the color pink is in honor of the mother of the present, white - in memory of the deceased mother.

Sociologists argue that the popularity of this festival takes the fifth place among the most favorite holidays after Christmas, Easter, the father's Day and Valentine's Day. On this day, there is a good tradition to return to home and to celebrate the festival together with their closest people.

For example, in Australia, Mother's Day begins with a breakfast prepared by the children for their beloved mothers. This is the day to give flowers, gifts and cards.

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The leader of the American women's movement by Julia Ward Howe

Second Sunday in May - Mother's Day is celebrated also in Australia, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Germany and Switzerland. Switzerland was among the first countries that in 1917 joined in the celebration of Mother's Day. In Germany in 1993 Mother's Day became an official holiday. After the Second world war, Mother's Day in Germany began to be celebrated just as it's celebrated in the USA. On this day it's expected for children to give their mothers mothers flowers and gifts. The increased demand for flowers in modern Germany during the Mother's Day became already habitual attribute of this holiday. The same day, the Germans give their moms postcards with congratulations.

In Sweden, France, Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of may, but in South Africa this holiday falls on the first Sunday of may. On May 9th, this great holiday is celebrated in Greece. The next day, May 10, it is time to celebrate Mother's Day in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

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