Nickel Free Jewelry

What kind of jewelry is safe? At the first glance the answer seems obvious: each of us wants to buy jewelry: beautiful, comfortable, fashionable and modern, expensive or not so much. However, how many of us think about the safety of jewelry for our health? What kind of jewelry is better to wear without compromising one’s health, and, most importantly, the health of one’s children.

It turns out there is no easy answer as many manufacturers of costume jewelry, especially cheap one, make it of alloys containing Nickel and lead. Both of these metals have very harmful effects on the human body, especially child's body.

For example, Nickel is the main cause of dermatitis, and often contained in products that come into contact with skin, such as jewelry, watches, rivets on the jeans, etc. In 2008, the American dermatitis society recognized Nickel as the "Allergen of the year.”

Lead and its compounds are toxic as mentioned earlier. If a strong poisoning is observed, abdominal pain, joint pain, convulsions, and fainting are present. Lead can accumulate in the bones, causing their destruction, it is also deposited in liver and kidneys. Lead is especially dangerous for children: as a long-term impact it causes mental retardation and chronic diseases of the brain. The higher the level of lead is in the blood of the child, the lower is its ability to cope with the school program. At the conference held in the American Pediatric Academy, researchers made a statement that the content of even very small amounts of lead in a child's body can seriously affect his mental abilities and behavior.

Now you know that you need to be careful when selecting very cheap and poorly made jewelry.

The company Emerald Lure understands the seriousness of this problem and doesn’t cooperate with companies, which use harmful chemical elements in the manufacture of their products. All our costume jewelry made of special alloy plated with precious metal: 24K gold, pure silver, rhodium-plated and copper. Therefore, our products do not cause allergies and retain their original appearance for years. Jewelry from Emerald Lure is beautiful, fashionable, safe and secure when worn. The locks will not break, therefore you are fully protected from the risk of losing your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Sincerely yours,

Monique Dion

The owner of Emerald Lure.