On Mother-of-Pearl

Mother of Pearl: Description, Application, Magical Properties.

Mother of pearl is the internal iridescent layer of the shells of some mollusks. It got its name from its ability to create the pearl and literally translated from German as "mother of pearl." Due to the unusual decorative properties of mother of pearl, it is raised to the rank of precious stones along with jewelry with stones such as tiger eye, obsidian, and aventurine.

The inner layer of nacre consists of very thin plates of crystals of the mineral aragonite (calcium carbonate). Plates are parallel to the surface of the shell and connected between an organic substance by conchiolin. The beauty of the pearl depends on the thickness of the flakes of aragonite: the fewer, the brighter. When inside the shell a small object falls from the outside, for instance a grain of sand, the pearl envelops it. This is pearl, but its shine is brighter than of mother of pearl on the sink, because due to the shape of the pearl scales are arranged on it differently.

Not all mollusks are able to create the pearl though. However those that can, mother-of-pearl layer has different shades of silver-white, pinkish, greenish, etc. The purity of the pearl depends on where it lives and how it's fed. The seashell nacre color is clean, smooth, and the best mother of pearl is created by mollusks warm tropical seas. White mother of pearl give the shell pearl of the Indian ocean and the magnificent red is created by marine mollusk ear (abalone). Shellfish closed freshwater lakes and rivers create the mother of pearl color from white to black, sometimes with patches. But in any colour pronounced iridescent play of colors - the pearly luster.

The use of mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl is a beautiful jewelry material that is fairly durable. When broken it is not cleaved, and gives you a break. But under the action of the sun, it becomes fragile and gradually loses its luster. It can be cut by a hacksaw, to bevel the edge on an emery wheel, polishing.

Articles of mother-of-pearl was used even in ancient times, which is confirmed by the objects found in ancient tombs. Especially popular were the ornaments of mother of pearl in the East - Japan, India.

Freshwater shells of the pearl oyster practically is not found, mainly mining occurs in the Red sea and the Persian Gulf, on the coast of Japan, and the Philippine Islands, the Islands of Ceylon and Bornert pearl requires masters great experience and skills, as the material is very fragile. White mother of pearl sometimes paint with a solution of chloride of silver, giving it a more dark shades.

From large shells with a thick layer of nacre make cups and bowls. Shiny layer tolerability inside and outside, sometimes outside cut openwork pattern, and it all fits in the cradle of the noble metal.

Often use not the whole shell, and separated from them rainbow plate mother of pearl. Sometimes they engrave miniatures and patterns, after which the plate is placed on decorating items, brooches, boxes, Souvenirs and other products. Beads and mother-of-pearl plates were replaced with expensive diamonds, sapphires, emeralds when making folk costumes, outfits. Have become popular mother-of-pearl buttons, as well as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings. Knives, blades, butts weapons inlaid with mother of pearl along with precious stones and ivory.

Magical properties of nacre.

Mother of pearl entrance opens a whole new and better life for its owner to bring good luck in the most different spheres of life. He protects the family and peace in the house, saves relationships and prolongs the life of family members. Mother of pearl can be used in spiritual practices, because he awakens and strengthens intuition, helps spiritual growth and self-improvement.

In the past, the traveler gave off mother-of-pearl plate, pin or brooch that he knew was at home waiting for him, and be sure to come back.

The healing properties of mother of pearl.

In the middle ages, the pearl was a very common drug (it easily could be found in any pharmacy). It was believed that pearl powder can help in almost any disease, increases vitality, strengthens the immune system and increases efficiency. Although, and now mother-of-pearl powder is used as medicine, as a means to strengthen the immune system. Application for pearlescent powder was found in the field of cosmetics: cream, manufactured on its basis, was purified from the skin defects and helped to acquire the whiteness of the skin.

Care of mother of pearl.

To care for pearl jewelry is quite simple. To remove stubborn dirt they need from time to time, wash in soapy water, or wipe with potato starch. Like pearls, mother of pearl loves cleanliness and attention from frequent socks, he looks even better. You can't let him heat, contact with open fire, as well as with acids and cosmetics, it can fade and crack.