Queen Elizabeth, the Fashion Icon

Queen Elizabeth is admired all over the world for her many talents, as well as for her impeccable sense of style. Sixty years is the number of years that she has been the head of the United Kingdom, and, undoubtedly, she has been an inspiration to many for just as long. The Queen is particularly inspiring when it comes to her exquisite style.

As a well respected leader, Queen Elizabeth always needs to convey a powerful image of a strong ruler, and she does so with the help of impeccably selected outfits and jewelry. It is not a secret that the Queen has been very famous for wearing bold bright colors as well as sophisticated chains of pearls and brooches, conveying confidence and taste. For many ladies throughout the whole world, Queen Elizabeth is an icon, a style standard settler. By dressing as well as she does, she is showing the world that she is a mighty ruler who acts appropriately and who dresses so.

“She is not particularly interested in high fashion, but she is particular about clothes and interested in things that make her absolutely identifiable as queen," Mr. Bolton says her about her. And he is absolutely right, for the Queen is indeed a definition of what royalty looks like. Queen Elizabeth herself once said, "I have to be seen to be believed." It is as if she is performing for the people around her, and if that is so, the Queen is doing a terrific job at standing out.

However, her suits and dresses are not all that the Queen prefers to wear. Queen Elizabeth is a devoted lover of jewelry, like many of us, ladies, are. Mr. Vickers went as far as to say the following, “she wears lots and lots of jewels and really dazzles. She sparkles away like mad.”

Here at Emerald Lure, we are also fully aware of the power of sparkles, and we are aware of the ways that jewelry can produce a rather regal effect. Our jewelry is sophisticated and stylish, it is timeless yet modern, it is of high quality yet affordable. Queen Elizabeth is an inspiration to many and we are pleased to give you an opportunity to shine and never be out-shined, much like the Queen herself never is.