Salvador Dali

Enchanting Salvador Dali and his art of jewelry.

- What do you want, my heart? What do you want, my heart?

- The beating heart of ruby!

(The dialogue of Salvador Dali and Gala, the real name of whom was Elena Ivanovna Diakonova).

It happens sometimes when the mystery of jewelry lies not in its mysterious, unusual stories and legends, but hides deep inside decorations. Everything can be explained by the fact that the imagination of the artist has depicted their thumbnails and the hands of the master painstakingly created their enticing and unique beauty. What is in these masterpieces' hidden talent of the most mysterious and unusual artist and jeweler?

Enchanting Salvador Dali is the man, the artist, hit all

not only for his exceptional vision in the world of painting, but also delinquent connoisseurs and admirers of the art of jewelry. Are you surprised? Yes, it is. But we just stuck to the "ten rules for those who want to become a painter". The first of these rules says: "we need to learn that if your brush produced gold and precious stones". And now, Dali created his talent by means of a brush images of the most eccentric, mysterious and beautiful jewelry. Each of the products of Dali is fraught with legends, riddles and secrets of the artist-jeweller. Periodically Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Alexander Calder appealed to the art of jewelry, creating their masterpieces, but Salvador Dali brought jewelry to a completely different level. He created the perfect collection of surreal jewelry from gold and precious stones, with implanted mechanisms in them.

The birth of a masterpiece, like the birth of a child takes place with the participation of two people. She is the Muse, inspiration, he is the performer of the plans and desires. Confirmation of these words is the duet of Gala and Dali. He embodied all its crazy desire in great works. She wanted wealth, luxury, lights as he put these desires in jewelry.

Captivating history of the jewelry collection of Salvador Dali began in the US in 1941. Dali made sketches of decorations, while carefully working out all the details. All stages of the creation of jewelry, from the form to the material and color solutions was genius. Then under personal supervision of Dali the selection of materials was made. Precious stones, which were passed in the new York workshop "Alemany, Art-man," in which embodied the ideas given and created jewelry. Given it was explained that he designs, invents and inspires, as well as the great masters of the Renaissance-Rubens or Durer. When at last, the hour comes embodiment of his ideas, there're always some exceptions to this trusted manufacturer of professional master.

Later sketches made by the artist embodied in the U.S. in joint work with the House of Verdure. In these years Europe was at war and nobody was interested in jewelry. After the war in Europe, people had an interest in the classics. So genius Dali had the opportunity to develop in the atmosphere of the artistic culture of America's forties.


22 the products created by Dali were bought by an American millionaire commins Katarvum. Then in 1958, the owner of the collection became the Foundation Owen Cheezem, which later acquired all other jewelry creations of Dali.

Salvador Dali by 1970 has created 39 sketches, of which 37 in collaboration with the talented goldsmiths were embodied in the finest products. In the future, these products became part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts of Virginia in Richmond. In 1981, Salvador Dali's jewelry was purchased by the

millionaire from Saudi Arabia. In the future, this collection was sold to three legal persons from Japan. After some time, one of these buyers had initiated the return of a surreal collection to its home in Spain.

Fortunately for all admirers of talent, Gave Fund Gala-Salvador Dali in 1999 bought a surreal collection for 7.5 million dollars. Currently, the collection consists of 39 surreal decorations, two of which were made after the death of the great artist. You can see them in Figueres in the tower

Galatea. For admirers of talent of Dali created a showroom DALI - JOIES, which is opened to the public permanently.

Salvador Dali is a genius and a great artist. H'ed created a truly unique collection of surrealist gem, with its astonishing combination of various story lines, materials, sizes, shapes and configurations. In this collection unique handwriting Maestro surrealism is easily recognizable. The materials used in the jewelry production are gold, pearls, corals, platinum, precious stones, not

steel earrings, bracelets, rings, and have evolved to a simple gem in the heart, lips, eyes, flowers, animals, religious and mythological symbols and some anthropomorphic forms.

Among jewelry fantasies of Salvador Dali: favorite way of surrealist - The Cosmic Elephant (1961), exciting and sensual Ruby lips (1949), Fresh Flower, Eyes of Time with a tear in the corner, Bleeding Peace (1953) and, of course, The Royal Heart, which was requested the Gala. Luxury ruby and without a doubt is the beating heart: 46 rubies, 42 diamonds and 4 emerald stones are united in a single precious composition. It is made in such a way that the mobile center "beats" as a real heart.

Shining diamonds, bloody drops rubies, golden rays of the sun, perlamutroviy light pearl, blue sapphire blue is the palette of the jeweler.

Dali's paintings are not out of a single character, and in his jewelry each element symbolic, full of art aphorisms and it feeds the mystery!

One of the most amazing jewelry works of Salvador Dali is the brooch-watch Eyes of Time. In the eyes of the time present, future, infinity. Time seeing him not to run away, not to hide, it is infinite....

Moving decoration in the form of a flower of human hands, is directed towards the light. The mechanism of balances, hidden in the malachite leads decoration in motion.

Lips are red like rubies, teeth are like pearls at all times. This image was used by poets, describing the beauty of their beloved ones. Used this way, and given in a picturesque portrait of Mae West and in one of its gems.

Brooch Ruby Lips, Teeth Like Pearls was created by Dali for the actress Paulette Godard in 1958.

What the heart of a woman is made of? Of love and jealousy, feelings and emotions, and bitterness and sweetness.... Whatever the fate of the women, but a drop of honey in her heart always remains.

One of the most romantic jewelry created by artist-jeweler is for his mistress, his Muse, his companion Ruby Heart.

Europe saw a jewelry collection of Salvador Dali in 1971, and many considered it to be fun, mocked it as a kind of kitsch. Jewelry was surreal as his paintings, it was unreal, fantastic, wonderful...

"Design and craftsmanship should cost more than precious stones and metals, as it was in the epoch of Renaissance," said Salvador Dali.

The ultimate artist and the viewer.

Creating jewelry miracle, Salvador Dali hadn't forgotten for a moment about "the enthusiastic audience," in each product leaving the puzzle as if inviting viewers to search for the answer: "No audience, without the audience, these products will not be able to perform the function for which they were created. The spectator, thus becomes the ultimate artist. His eyes, heart and mind with a greater or lesser ability to perceive the intent of the Creator, fill decoration's life."

Listen to these amazing creations. Do you hear? They live, they breathe.