Special Effects of Jewelry

Sonja Henie, born in Norway, was mostly famous for her skating and acting career. However, today we are paying attention more to one of her quotes, "jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles." This quote is powerful in the simplicity of its message, because as we age, it is not a secret that we try to cover up our imperfections and distract others from them. But does jewelry really work like that? Does it really "distract" observers from our age?

To find out whether the statement is true or not, our Emerald Lure team members decided to reach out to our customers and friends and asked a few simple questions, "why do they buy jewelry?" "how does wearing jewelry make you feel?" "is jewelry a big part of your style?"

After several brief and rushed chats, as well as some relaxed, longer conversations, our research team started to notice a pattern. Most of us, women, certainly treat jewelry as important pieces of our wardrobe. More than that, jewelry makes a lot of us feel unique and therefore more confident. When we asked ladies if they agree with Sonja Henie statement, many of them said yes. Our small study revealed that many of our customers believe that there is jewelry that makes us look younger and there's jewelry that makes us look more mature and older. Moreover, they exclaimed that they buy jewelry for casual events as well as grande events like balls, theatre, exquisite parties.

A few women went as far as to say that the reason why they are loyal Emerald Lure customers is because we offer wide variety of jewelry, for any occasion for any age group. Our team found this astonishing, for we always paid a lot more attention on the affordability and quality of our pieces. It was a huge pleasure for us to find out that so many of our customers love us for our creative European design!

If you have anything to add, or would like to share us your story, don't hesitate to contact us!

Sincerely yours,

Emerald Lure.