The Incredible Master Swarovski.

Emerald Lure along with world-renowned fashion houses such as Maison Michel, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chanel and others offers our valued customers the opportunity to buy unique, original and unrivaled beauty of Swarovski crystals online.

Swarovski crystals are neither more nor less than special, extraordinary, well made strasses. They are highly valued and are a sign of good taste all over the world.

The very notion of strasses came almost a century before Daniel Swarovski invented crystals. In the eighteenth century lived a no less brilliant jeweler Georg Strass after whom were subsequently named crystals - strasses. Strass was producing excellent stones which had luster, purity and many other virtues. They were surprisingly similar to diamonds, and were often mistaken for them. However, back then Georg Strass wasn’t understood, and, sadly, had a repulation of a fraudster. Meanwhile, the George Strass initiated a new kind of art and had earned a lot of fans in the production of artificial stones.

Later, in the XIX century, ambitious and talented Daniel Swarovski was able to do something what Strass couldn’t: create a legal and, moreover, a respected business of manufacturing and sale of crystals and items with them.

When young Daniel studied in Paris, he a bold, almost fantastic idea was born to create a machine that can quickly and efficiently grind stones and glass. Thus was born the art of extraordinary cut crystal and glass. So, Swarovski created a new trend in fashion.

Swarovski products quickly gained popularity. Despite the fact that they weren’t precious stones, and only represented their imitation, they didn’t escape wealthy people’s attention, and soon began to be appreciated more than natural gemstones, crystals which were, ironically, imitated.

Immense popularity Swarovski crystals was gained thanks to clothing decoration. Today, leading fashion houses such as Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and other use Swarovski crystals to create collections. These extraordinary crystals decorate a variety of objects, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as well as pens, etc.

Swarovski crystals were and are worn by celebrities such as Grabriel Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Michael Jackson, Christian Dior. Swarovski crystals aren’t neglected even by the best designers of the world and the crystals are still elements of luxury, especially in jewelry. Rich people and organizations, theatres and other can afford to purchase items of the interior design made of Swarovski crystals: chandeliers, statues, and much more.

Why do Swarovski crystals remain so loved?

The secret behind the brand is crystal processing. It was invented by Daniel Swarovski and became the core of a huge company. A method of processing crystal is carefully preserved, and that allows Swarovski crystals remain the only one of a kind.

At the factory in Austria crystals are faceted and polished until the purity is achieved, giving it an incredible resemblance to diamonds. For a long time all finished crystals had 12 borders, but since 2004, Swarovski began producing crystals with 16 borders, and of which have different area. Because of this striking effect, crystals better reflect the light due to the fracture of the rays in a special way, now crystals shine much brighter.

Masters also use a special coating for crystals. One of the most famous kinds is "Northern Lights Aurora,” which makes the surface of the crystal multicolor or rainbow. Furthermore, there is a Silver coating, as well as several others. Produced colored crystals are very similar to their prototypes: natural stones, but their advantage is cleanliness and shine.

Swarovski today is a world of amazing beauty and radiance, expensive and exquisite accessory, the standard of elegance and luxury of our days.