The importance of jewelry in modern fashion

In modern fashion, jewelry plays a huge role in complementing the collections of the great masters, the images of film stars and pop stars, as well as TV presenters. The assumption that jewelry can be relevant only for young girls has long lost its relevance. Jewelry of high quality can decorate a woman of any age as a confirmation that one sees regularly on television, including the programs dedicated to fashion. Famous actresses, singers, TV presenters from the very young to middle-aged more often than not let you see the original jewelry rather than just jewelry. And this is not an accident. "People with good taste wear jewelry. All the rest have to wear gold" - said the great Gabrielle Chanel and was absolutely right. Gold can be worn by everyone who has it, but in order to correctly select jewelry, you need to have good taste and sense of proportion.

Recently, jewelry ceased to be bad manners. The famous Fashion House increasingly include in their collections of beautiful jewelry, which often looks no worse than an expensive jewelry. Jewelry is the best suited for fans of style and for desperate fashionistas who each time seek to create a unique image.

Unsurpassed Coco Chanel believed that flashy jewelry transforms even the modest dress. At one time she had opened to women truly magical jewelry, which later became the best-selling Chanel: glass beads, large brooches, chains with inserts of colored stones.

Costume jewelry is forever young, fresh looking and audacious. If you chose this approach, be sure to buy anything from jewelry in the new season.

Some women find that jewelry, unlike products from precious metals and stones, is a fashionable one-day event. But do not hurry up to make such conclusions and throw out of fashion jewelry. Some of them may be useful in a few years, and other in a few days. Besides, in a few decades they will already be perceived as antique jewelry, constantly returning to fashion. This is because jewelry is often made manually masters and become true works of art.

In his time, Chanel done decorating larger and deprived them of jewelry usual subtlety. Created from metals such as silver and the gold of her to the world-famous chains, as once rhinestones were popular, but did not wish to deceive. Intricate weaving, the combination of matte and shiny surfaces, small, large, round and flexible elements create artistic style.

Individual uniqueness and unity of style of Balmain, Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Swarovski provide thoughtful unity of designer jewelry and fashion designer. Today, appearing in public in the author's jewelry of various materials as well prestigious and sometimes much better than in these diamonds.

Jewelry reflects the stylistic diversity amazing postmodern and exfoliates and respond to various requests (and not only financial plan). It quite subtly blends in different life problems and situations. So, as an evening option, jewelry offers artistic design, presented in the elite works of popular companies, which are Siegelson, Emerald Lure, Boucheron, Chopard.

Daily decorations are also divided into types. There are business, intended for office suits, and

enough light that self-image is called the image of the bright day of the feast, holiday jewelry, relevant to day jewelry become Oriental motifs. Also clearly seen fashionable trend in unique products from natural materials (malachite, coral, ivory, horn), a colorful "environmental gamma" and so on.

Emerald Lure offers fans of our jewelry the most diverse and unique products that will help to create your unique image and style for all occasions to show oneself a person with a refined and authentic taste. Be happy and beautiful.

Best wishes,

Sergio De Laurentis

Leading Designer