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Ring and earring sets from Emerald Lure. Enjoy the compatible beauty of our charming and exquisite matching jewelry sets. These elegant twin earring and ring sets come in white silver, nielloed silver, and 24k gold and are embedded with your choice of crystal, coral, malachite, mother of pearl, turquoise, and of course the striking and peerless allure of Swarovski crystals.

Set "Rachelle"

$180.04 $126.03
Set "Almond"

$187.76 $131.43
Set "Almond".

$187.76 $131.43
Set "Athens"

$111.88 $78.32
Set "Augusta"

$180.68 $126.48
Set "Bonaparte"

$174.90 $122.43
Set "Buffo"

$75.87 $53.11