Wholesale Partners

What kind of benefits you get from partnership with Emerald Lure?

- You get a 50% discount off the retail price of all the items;

- You get the opportunity to buy an exclusive jewelry and accessories of high quality at a low price;

- You do not need to take any risks in handling your finances through an unknown company, or risk to buy a defective product , you do not have to worry about what time your order will be delivered, you do not need to collect the information from other companies that often do not offer the best service. All this risky work we have done for you. We have carefully selected each item, checked its quality and safely packed;

- You get access to wholesale prices which nobody sees but you;

- You become a member of discount and gift programs;

- You get a membership in the team of resellers of Emerald Lure, which gives you the ability to have good earnings;

- At your request we can do blind invoices to not reveal wholesale prices to anybody but you;

- We ship worldwide, all orders are carefully and securely packaged;

How to become a reseller of Emerald Lure?

To become a reseller of Emerald Lure, you need to perform 3 simple stages:

Stage 1 . You need to enter your information in the application;

Stage 2 . Within 2-3 days we will process your application and on the basis of the information received will give approval for registration. We do not openly publish wholesale prices, so we have to make sure you really want to become a reseller and have the reason to do so;

Stage 3 . We start selling. In the first volume of purchase must be at least $200, then you can buy any item in any amount in any quantity. But you must not forget that we have a more discounts depending on the order amount as follows:

- From $400- 5% discount

- From $500- 7% discount

- From $600- 9% discount

- From $700- 10% discount

About all promotions and discounts and hot deals we will regularly inform you by e-mail.

We wish you a successful and prosperous business .


Monique Dion

Owner of Emerald Lure.

Partnership with Emerald Lure is profitable, reliable, convenient, and safe. We have great respect for your business!


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