About Us

Buy Jewelry Online from Emerald Lure

Emerald Lure is happy to offer unique jewelry to its customers from American and European manufacturers.
You can buy rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets online from us.
We gladly offer you the opportunity to buy exclusive pieces made together with the most famous jewelry masters of both America and Europe. To help you create your individual style, we offer various jewelry pieces made of platinum, 24K pure gold (without any admixtures), and sterling silver. True perfection is now possible thanks to skillful jewelry masters who use Swarovski crystals, pearls (including mother-of-pearl), malachite, coral, enamel, turquoise, cubic zirconia and others to create high quality pieces with exquisite design.

We have jewelry for every occasion including weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, St. Valentine's Day and Halloween.

Our company representatives always take into consideration your taste and fashion while carefully picking all pieces. They look into all the remote areas of Europe and America, meet with the professionals and designers, who have a collection of secrets and traditions of jewelry making which they apply while creating exquisite, posh, sensitive, reliable pieces, which are drowned in ancestors’ wisdom. In our jewelry you will feel comfortable at any meeting, concert, party, or trip. All our collections are limited, therefore we can guarantee you the exclusiveness of them. You don’t have to even try to attract attention on yourself anymore, Emerald Lure does it for you.

Moreover, let me concentrate your attention on the quality, comfort of wearing, reliability, and functionality of all our pieces. The jewelry does not fade and does not break. The locks skillfully protect you from losing your pieces and protect you from suffering while putting it on.

Emerald Lure’s jewelry is not being manufactured in a factory, and they all include handcrafted elements if not fully handcrafted; it all together allows us to offer you different collections perfectly suitable for any picky personalities, who wish to highlight their individuality and impeccable taste. Besides necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, you can also buy accessories including brooches, hairpins, cufflinks, belts, chains, scarf clips, badges, and phone keychains.

Today, it is very important to look bright, festive, elegant, and not vulgar. Our company is here to make it happen: to discover the true you, your style, and not lose yourself. Our representatives will be more than happy to answer any your questions, address any concerns, and make any wishes come true!