Jewelry Dictionary

Alloy - an item coated with a thin outer of enamel, safe for all skin and will not cause an allergic reaction.

Beads - beads are small multi- colored glass with holes used for jewelry, sewing, embroidery and household items, clothing and more.

Brass – made brass durable, safe for all skin types no allergies

Glass jewelry- a piece of glass, melted into oxides to give the glass of colors and shade. Glass jewelry can appear as rubies, turquoise, garnet, emerald coral and more.

Crystal and crystal Swarovski - Superior quality crystals used for jewelry, Swarovski is the leading manufacturer in the worlds for excellence. Swarovski is leading jewelry manufacturer in the world.

Cubic zirconia is a man-made material, the Zirconia ZrO2, crystallized in cubic system is one of the seven systems. Unit cell of the crystal cubic system is defined by three vectors of equal length, perpendicular to each other. Conditionally can be considered as an analogue of mineral tazheranite - rare mineral composition (Zr,Ti,Ca)O2-x. Widely used in jewelry as synthetic imitations of precious stones.

Cubic zirconia has a cubic crystal lattice. Being in itself unstable high-temperature cubic modification Zirconia, cubic Zirconia stable oxide additives manganese, calcium and yttrium. The refractive index (2,15 - 2,25), i.e. similar to diamond (2,417 - 2,419), so the eye is difficult to distinguish zirconium cube from diamond. Chemical formula Zr0,8Ca0,2O1,92, may change depending on additives, introduced during crystal growth to give them a different set of properties. The brilliance of the diamond. The hardness of 7.5 to 8.5. The density of 6.5 - 10 g/cm3. Cleavage is missing, the fracture is uneven. The dispersion of the cube zirconium 0,06. For colourless colouring of zirconium dioxide in different colors are added transition and rare earth elements. The process of crystallization of the cube zirconium is carried out in the laboratory in a special seed during cooling of the melt, the speed of crystal growth is up to 8-10 mm/H. Supplements metal oxides affect the color of the cubic Zirconia. Cerium-yellow, orange, red. Chrome green. Neodymium-purple. Erbium-pink. Titan-Golden brown.

Design - creative activity which is aimed to define the formal properties of industrial products. These qualities include external features of the product, but mainly those structural and functional relationships that turn a product into a single unit from the point of view of the consumer, and from the point of view of the manufacturer. The design aims to cover all aspects of the human environment, which is caused by industrial production.

Person involved in the art-technical activity in the framework of any of the sectors of design, in general is called a designer (including architect, Illustrator, clothing designer, graphic designer, web designer, industrial designer, etc).

24 carat (24K) gold is a soft metal of yellow color, 11th element in the sixth period of the periodic table with atomic number 79. It's denoted by the symbol Au (lat. Aurum). Registration number CAS: 7440-57-5.
Gold is a very heavy metal: the density of pure gold equal to 19.32 g/cm3 (ball of pure gold diameter 46,237 mm and has a weight of 2,2046lb).
Gold is a very soft metal: hardness on the Mohs scale is about 2.5, Brinell 220-250 MPa (comparable to the hardness of the nail).
Traditionally the purity of gold is measured in British carats. 1 British carat is equal to one 1/24 mass pure substance in the total mass of the alloy. 24-carat gold (24K) is clean, without any impurities.
To change the qualitative characteristics of gold, for different purposes (for example, to increase the hardness) gold is alloyed with various impurities. For example, 18-carat gold (18K) means the content in the alloy 18 pieces of gold and 6 parts of impurities.

Jewelry is fine accessories made according to the special technologies, and coated with gold, silver, rhodium or copper. This provides jewelry is not only a long life (guarantee covering up to 50 years), but also excludes the possibility of allergic reactions.

The jewelry is differs from other accessories by high quality and original performance. These products are often decorated with cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, precious and semiprecious stones: Garnets, Topaz, Amethyst, Jade, Malachite, Agate, Opal, Pearl, Chrysoprase, Glass, Enamel, and other stones, both natural and synthetically grown.

Jewelry enamel - fusible transparent or deaf glass, which is applied on the copper, silver, gold, more rare for aluminium at a temperature 932-1472 F.

Jewelry enamel is a thin layer of glass alloy is more or less fusible, different colors. The enamel is applied in the powdered state on the surface of the product and fused directly on it when heating the product. Enamel, except decorative qualities, has also protective, anti-corrosion properties.

It is distinguished by high resistance against atmospheric influences, but also against the effects of chemical reagents, acids, alkalis, gases, etc. This quality allows to use enamel in architectural structures, operating in conditions of the exterior.

For color enamels also add the oxides of different metals, which are called pigments.

Malachite - a mineral basic copper carbonate (copper hydroxide carbonate stabilizers(II), the composition of which is expressed by a chemical formula CuCO3·Cu(Oh)2. Malachite is one of the truly beautiful minerals.

Mother of Pearl – The thin inner layer of shells which is mainly aragonite crystals. Has a beautiful iridescent sheen. Used for jewelry, buttons, watches and more.

Murano glass - Found in Murano Italy the glass has been produced there for over seven centuries. Murano glass is still used today to seal windows in Italy. Murano glass is also used for jewelry party and are often found with silver and gold finishes. Murano glass is timeless elegant and never out of fashion or style.

Natural materials - are materials such as wood, seashells, mother of pearl, beads etc. These are all origins you can find here that are made from natural origins.

Painting of the malachite - a wide palette of shades of green: from light green to bluish green (turquoise) and rich dark green; painting is explained by copper ions. The most beautiful and expensive malachite is located in the Urals(Russia).

The name PayPal originated from the merger of two words in English. Penpal, i.e. each payment or PAL. PayPal is the operator of an electronic money payments. Using the capabilities of this operator customers can pay bills and purchases. Since October 2002, it is one of the divisions in the structure of eBay. PayPal is a global operator and works in 203 countries, and has 137 000 000 registered users. PayPal has the ability to work with 26 national currencies.

Extremely important in the work PayPal is guaranteed security payments, both for the buyer and for the seller.

PayPal Here.

In March 2012 PayPal presented a new device called PayPal Here, which is installed on the mobile phone and the network it is possible to pay by credit card. Support is provided iPhone and Android. The device PayPal Here is a reader in the blue triangle is small in size, installed on the phone. This device is very convenient for small businesses and Commission from payment amount is 2.7%.

Pearl - Pearls are developed in the body of mollusks. Often times deposited in concentric layers found in grains of sand etc.

According to the international standard ISO 8402: "quality - a set of properties and product characteristics that gives it the ability to meet all the requirements."

In market conditions no investments will save the company, if it fails to ensure the competitiveness of their products. It includes the price and quality that meet the needs of consumers such as safety and environmental protection, delivery time and warranty, maintenance organization, authority manufacturer, operating costs and other.

The core of the competitiveness is quality of products. American scientist, Deming, in the first of his 14-key management principles considered constancy of purpose: the continuous improvement of product quality in order to achieve competitiveness. He said that improving the quality of products is a positive chain reaction: losses are reduced to the defects, and, therefore, reduced manufacturing costs and increasing productivity (volume produced quality products), and due to better quality and lower price, the share of enterprises in the markets increases, and as a result - is consolidated the company's position.

Jewelry Reliability - is a property of jewelry to save all the established values, characterizing the ability to perform the required functions when worn, stored and transported.

Jewelry reliability is associated with the prevention of breakdowns. It is the understanding of reliability in the "narrow" sense: property of jewelry to not to break in a long time. In other words, reliability jewelry is the absence of unforeseen invalid changes in its quality during use and storage. In the broad sense, reliability is a comprehensive property, which depending on the purpose of costume jewellery and conditions of its use, may include durability, maintainability and persistence, as well as some combination of the mentioned properties.

Rhinestone - colorless substitute for diamonds.

Rhodium - Covers the mirror of surfaces. Rhinestones (Strass, Strizoe) is glass imitations of precious stones. Typically rose or pinkish in color.

Vintage is a trend: a new vision of old clothes and accessories, jewelry, which were formerly fashionable.

Vintage costume jewelry is unique, original and will be of high quality. It should pass the entourage of the time when it was created. A thing can be considered vintage, if it returns exceeded 20 years.

Vintage costume jewellery will always be the price, it was and remains a subject of collecting. This jewelry is filled with the spirit of time. It has lived a long life filled with its own mood, own destiny, associations with a certain age, a kind of journey into the past. There is something fantastic, charming and mysterious in it...

With age vintage jewelry does not lose its relevance, but on the contrary only becomes more valuable and exclusive. Each thing has its own history, its own destiny, impregnated human passions. Because vintage things seem not simply fantastic and spiritual, but even that come to life!

Vintage clothing and accessories became popular with the 90-ies of the last century and will always be in fashion, because historical things were and will be valued regardless of age.

This is one of the most profitable ways of investment and at the same time a way to express their own individuality because of wearing old thing. You can be 100% sure that you will not find anywhere a person who will be exactly the same as you are!