Security Policy

Security Policy.

Secure Order Processing.

Your safety and privacy are our priority, therefore me make sure that all of your personal information is absolutely safe with us.

Whenever you shop online, you must think about the safety of your personal information. The company Emerald Lure has done everything possible to monitor and make sure your process is safe, easy and secure. Once your purchase is complete, your credit card information is not saved or stored with us. If you would like to receive more information regarding your personal privacy, read our privacy policy.

Fraudulent Orders.

Our goal is to serve and protect our clients, which is exactly why all fraud is taken very seriously. In the event of a fraudulent purchase, action will be taken immediately. Please, be aware that all orders are traced by e-mail addresses, and the person who committed fraud will be reported and prosecuted.

Protection, security, and privacy are the three pillars on which rests the company's business!